My Experience at Your Service.

Performance at high level is second nature to me. What I undertake, I do with a high energy level and full commitment. The respect for the environment and other resources such as time and energy is close to my heart.

With 27 years of professional experience in global companies, I have learnt to deal effectively with complex situations. My ability to define a purpose and to pursue it relentlessly where necessary has helped me to find my way in such complex organisations. My international experience enables me to understand different cultures and has made me more flexible as a person.

In my work environment, I have helped to create structures that support people in attaining their career objectives and I have accompanied colleagues along their professional paths as a senior workplace mentor. As member of various management committees I understand the power of effective communication and how to ensure that your voice is heard.

My family, on the other hand, reminds me daily how important a good work-life balance is and how crucial it is to combine a successful career with a fulfilled personal life.

July 2015

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