Your Development is My Goal.

Our professional life is complex and demanding, and we have to continuously adapt to new circumstances. While performance expectations seem to keep rising, the time and space that we can create for ourselves keeps diminishing.

Coaching gives you the time and space to clarify your goals and find your own way to achieve them.

Are you faced with a challenging job situation? Do you have to take a career decision and are unsure which path to choose? Do you want to better understand your personal positioning and improve the impact you make in your organization? Do you feel the need to step back and gain a fresh perspective?

Professional coaching helps you to better understand yourself and find the solution that is uniquely suited to your personal situation and your personality. I will support you in developing your potential, in understanding your needs and how to develop strategies to move forward in a challenging environment.

I follow the solution focused coaching approach developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg that activates your personal strengths and resources. Rather than focussing on problems and their developments, it is helpful and beneficial to concentrate on personal goals and positive outcomes. Within few sessions you will define clear goals and discover the first steps towards the solution.

"With Michèle Borgeaud's insightful coaching I have learnt to understand my professional motivation and was able to take an important job decision in full awareness of my needs."
SW, Zurich

July 2015

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